Watch this Documentary as an Introduction to the lifestyle and hardships overcome by Titeline Drill Crews as they work in the Hot and Harsh South Australian Desert?

Through the first hand experiences of the Drillers and Assistants we gain an insight into the people and some of the processes involved in Maintaining the Rigs and the Recovery of High Quality Rock Core Samples.

24 Hours a day, 7 Days a Week and from Depths of up to Two Kilometres below, these important samples are produced by our Drill Rig Teams for further analysis by our clients.

Start a Job - Begin a Career:



Most of our Lead Drillers began their Careers as Assistants with Titeline Drilling.

- On the Job Training can quickly lead to advancement from Assistant to Promotion

We Work a Standard Roster of 2 Weeks on and 1 Week Off.

Travel, Work and Life:


"Fly in Fly Out from your Capital City"

- All Travel and Food & Accommodation provided on Site.

With Rigs Operating around Australia - explore and then enjoy your Rostered Break.

Skills and Qualifications:



Must have First Aid Level 2. Also a Drivers Licence (Manual) - Preferably holding a Heavy Vehicle Licence (Heavy Rigid)

- Medically OK? Being Fit with the Right Attitude and a willingness to Learn are your Main Requirements.

Titeline Drilling Crews:



Our Position as a preferred Supplier and Employer is one that sets Benchmarks in Our Industry.

We have an active Drug & Alcohol Policy and always Work Safely.


What is it Worth....?

A picture tells a thousand words. - So we Produced a Film. Not a Corporate Voice of someone telling you.... Your Co Workers on the Rigs!

These are our Workers in the field. - Dusty, hot, working hard and covered in flies.

We documented the Rigs to give our Workers the opportunity to tell you how it is.


Interested in Working in the Resource Sector?

- CLICK HERE Download a Titeline Drilling Employment Application.


Submit it to our HR Team for Assessment.